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Achieve Liquor Licence Compliance (VCGLR New Entrant Training/Licensee First Steps)

The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) has developed New Entrant Training standards in order for applicants to have an adequate knowledge of liquor law and licensee obligations under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998.

We understand that the requirements required for liquor licensing can take up a significant amount of your valuable time. Because we have years of experience delivering training in the hospitality sector, we understand the value of your time. That is why we offer the convenience of completing the New Entrant Training in one easy ZOOM session, with pre course work to be completed prior to the class.

The aim of the Achieve Liquor Licence Compliance Training Course is to provide an overview of Victorian liquor licensing laws and associated issues that will enable licensees to comply with their legal obligations and contribute to minimising alcohol-related harm in the community.


The VCGLR New Entrant Training course includes information on:

  • How to handle difficult customers.
  • The purpose of Victoria’s liquor laws.
  • The role and regulatory authorities.
  • Understanding/interpreting liquor licence requirements.
  • Common offences.
  • Managing best practice.
  • Licensee forums and accords.

An application for a liquor licence will not be granted until new entrant training has been completed for all liquor licence categories except for a BYO permit, pre-retail, and temporary licences.

Applicants who need to complete new entrant training are:

  • Individuals – all natural person applicants
  • Partnerships – all partners
  • The role and regulatory authorities.
  • Company (body corporate) – at least one director
  • Club – at least one committee member
  • Association – at least one committee member

In addition:

  • All applicants for appointment as a nominee must complete new entrant training
  • All applicants seeking approval to sublet any part of the licensed premises, or to carry on the business of supplying liquor on the licensed premises, must complete new entrant training

If applicants have already undertaken an approved new entrant training course, a copy of the training certificate will be considered as evidence of completion.


The “Achieve Liquor Licence Compliance” training course is an approved alternative to the Licensees’ First Step course, Licensee Compliance Certificate course & the Victorian Licensee’s Training Course.

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Monday 9th August – 1:00 PM, Thursday 12th August – 9:30 AM through to 12:30 PM, Tuesday 7th September 9.30am to 12.30pm, Wednesday 25th August – 9:30 AM through to 12:30 PM


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