Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Zoom Training For Gaming Room (EGM) Employees


LBA is pleased to offer its venue partners online AML/CTF Training that is suitable for all gaming staff employees who need to complete their induction and refresher training for AML/CTF purposes.

Training will run for approximately 60 minutes and include the following discussion

  • What constitutes money launder activity;
  • Activities that usually generate money that is subsequently laundered;
  • Why money is laundered;
  • The role of AUSTRAC;
  • Stages of money laundering and how these may occur in a gaming environment;
  • What constitutes terrorism financing;
  • The role of money in enabling terrorist activities;
  • The Venues obligations to AUSTRAC under the AML/CTF legislation and rules;
  • The types of ML/TF risks the Venue might face and the potential consequences of such risk;
  • A detailed description of Part A of the Venues AML/CTF program
  • A detailed description and discussion of Part B of the Venues AML/CTF program incorporating the processes and procedures set out in the Venues AML/CTF program that are relevant to the work carried out by employees, including:
    • Know Your Customer (KYC) objectives;
    • The circumstances for which it is necessary to request customer identification (ID);
    • The ID that needs to be verified;
    • Recommended/preferred forms of ID;
    • Secondary forms of ID;
    • Where and how to record the ID;
    • What to do if proof of ID cannot be obtained;
    • When enhanced customer due diligence is required;
    • What other forms of ID and observations constitute enhanced KYC;
    • Methods to identify Politically Exposed Persons;
    • Identifying and dealing with Sanctioned Individuals
    • Prohibition of “tipping off” a person that a report may be made to AUSTRAC; and
    • The consequences for the Venue and individuals of non-compliance with the Venues AML/CTF program or the obligations under the AML/CTF legislation and rules.


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To complete these sessions you will need to download the Zoom App from here: