In the 2016 Global Human Capital Trends report by Deloitte, 86% of those who took part in it viewed "corporate culture" as important or very important to the success of their company. However, despite the fact that such a large number is of the opinion that their workplace culture is vital, it was a mere 12% who actually believed that their organization was "driving the right culture." Furthermore only 28% said that they truly "understand their organisation's culture."


The commitment to regulatory compliance is not something that can be imposed upon staff in a business.  It must become part of the culture of the workplace. This is where workplace culture programs come in.

Leigh Barrett and Associates (LBA) maintains that a strong and well-directed workplace culture is intrinsic to business prosperity.

Workplace Safety Compliance Training Programs

The Workplace Culture Programs developed by LBA and tailored to individual hospitality businesses are aimed at getting maximum staff “buy-in” to your businesses goals and future direction.  At the same time, they foster teamwork amongst your staff and a desire for your staff to want to stay with you on the journey.

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