The hospitality business is fast-paced and extremely stressful, and includes long and irregular working hours. In this industry, business trends are very cyclic and change according to seasons and public holidays like Christmas, Easter, etc. When business is booming, venues take on more staff and in a lull, they reduce the workforce.

Also, casualisation of the industry’s workforce often results in significant turnover of staff, resulting in some operators losing experienced and valuable staff.


When asked about investing in personal development training for staff, short-sighted managers sometimes say, “So you spend money training staff and then they leave.” The alternative is that businesses don’t spend money on staff development and the under-performing staff stay!

In years gone by, employment in the hospitality industry was “a job while waiting to get a real job.”  With the changing Australian economy to focus on service industries, however, hospitality is viewed far more as a career where a person can progress “from the ground up” into senior management roles. In today’s economy, then, personal development programs have great importance.



 All venues should have a system of staff appraisal to provide formal feedback to staff members about their work performance and also plan for individual professional development programs to show staff that they and their work are valued and needed.

As part of its personal development program, Leigh Barrett and Associates can tailor staff appraisal systems for hospitality businesses and can also be involved in staff appraisal processes if required.


 Staff Personal Development Programs

Leigh Barrett and Associates provides personal development training for staff at your venue and design custom programs according to the needs of your business and staff.

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