Hospitality businesses that prepare and/or sell food, must adopt and follow a  food safety program. This program must be a written document which indicates how the business follows food safety procedures. The food safety program identifies the hazards in handling, preparing or maintaining food and the ways to control these hazards in a food business.

To manage this food safety program, you must appoint a food safety supervisor and have your senior staff appropriately qualified so, he/she can manage food effectively on behalf of your business. Now, what you need to know is: how will this program safeguard your food business?


  • To ensure all food is safe for sale;
  • Identify all safety hazards that may occur in a food business;
  • Determine solutions to control these hazards;
  • Maintain and manage records of cost control, wastage, and other operations;
  • Measure and observe each control on a daily basis;
  • Document action that has been taken to correct breaches in procedure or standards;
  • Regularly review the program to ensure its adequacy;
  • Reduce the likelihood for the business to be audited by Municipal Food Safety Inspectors

The above general guidelines are applied in all Australian states and territories.

Consult LBA for Food Safety Training

If you are in the hospitality or food service business and looking for regulatory compliance training or food safety training programs for your staff to ensure that your business is safe and compliant, then you should consult Leigh Barrett and Associates.

LBA Assists Venues in Managing Hospitality Compliance by:

  • Providing a cost-effective venue-specific Food Safety Program; and
  • Reviewing food safety procedures during our regular venue compliance audits.

LBA has a team of experts who give training for food safety training to your staff according to the rules made by all Australian governments. Our customised food safety programs checklist helps you to improve food health and safety practices.

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