Business compliance programs often run as internal voluntary exercises but could also be a part of the legal undertaking. Usually, programs differ significantly between large and small businesses. So, the compliance training program needs to be tailored to meet the particular requirements of business.

But what are the compliance requirements for a business? Naturally, no business owner wants to face criminal charges for not following the law, and ignorance is no excuse. There is no doubt that there are numerous regulations and laws on managing staff, handling stocks, business advertising, engagement rules when buying or selling, negotiating with customers and government departments, negotiating with employees, occupational health and safety rules, and so on. Therefore, business compliance is a large undertaking.


Every business has its own compliance requirements and consequences for not following them. When creating a business, owners need to prepare themselves for ongoing business compliance requirements.

Internal and external compliance requirements: Directors, shareholders, boards/committees and managers, etc. have obligations within an organisation . Both internal requirements and external obligations must be documented systematically and dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.


  • Internal systems and auditing;
  • How to remedy any breach that may occur;
  • Create a culture of compliance within the organisation;
  • Identify and reduce the risk of breaching legislation and regulation;
  • The penalties for non-compliance; and
  • Tailored management and staff training on compliance obligations at “ground level”.

As per the size and risk of the business, different components will be included in the business compliance program to ensure that it is effective in achieving business operations. Business development training programs prepared by Leigh Barrett and Associates help to create a positive reputation of your business and improve its productivity.

If your existing business compliance fails to meet the requirements in a timely manner, then you may have profound and costly consequences in the future.

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