Boardroom governance or committee room governance is essential to the success of any organisation. It is critical to obtain funding from various sources, particularly the government. Corporate governance is a vital mechanism. Boards and committees must ensure that the behaviour of their workforce is aligned with the organisation's purpose and principles. Corporate goals and values are translated into their people's decisions and actions.

According to Australian standards, Boards and Committees must continually practice "GRC". GRC stands for governance, risk management, and compliance. It helps organisations in reducing risks, optimising resources, setting directions, and monitoring performance.


  • Assurance and performance management and delegation pathways;
  • Information security protocols;
  • Quality and productivity evaluation;
  • Ethics and values management;
  • Business issues risk and mitigation; and
  • Business continuity management

Effective implementation of boardroom governance compliance and risk helps to reduce overall risk and improve the effectiveness of controls in the organisation, including the relationship between the Board/Committee, senior management and staff. It gives the assurance that controls are created and are being administrated effectively, while also ensuring that compliance requirements are met consistently.

We Provide Governance Training and frameworks to Our Clients

  • Structures for risk management;
  • Board composition and appointment;
  • Constitution reviews, updates and implementation advice;
  • Fraud prevention and detection strategies;
  • Corporate governance compliance training workshops;
  • Assisting with regular reporting requirements on boardroom governance and compliance matters; and
  • Preparation of advice and documentation related to risk management

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