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The LBA Code of Conduct

The LBA Code of Conduct




The Leigh Barrett & Associates Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct (VCGLR Code 21) has been developed to provide licensed gaming venues with the best possible standard of care for their customers.

The Gambling Regulation Act 2003 makes it compulsory for all gaming venues holding a gambling operator’s licence to adopt a Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct and an appropriate Self-exclusion Program.

Codes and SEPs ensure that the gambling environment provided by a venue fosters the spirit and practice of responsible gambling and maintains a strong level of customer care for it’s patrons.

The LBA Code of Conduct (LBA Code 21) was approved by the VCGLR on 27 June 2012 for Statewide use by Victorian licensed venue operators. The Code has been updated in accordance with Ministerial Directions issued on 20 February 2020.

Available at the Cashiers desk in venue gaming rooms, the LBA Code is couched in easy to understand English and is available in several commonly used community languages.

The LBA Code requires the visible display of a variety of mandatory regulatory compliance signage together with a number of other signs and website links designed to support best practice service of responsible gambling and maintain harm minimisation practices.

Provision of a suitable Code of Conduct is just the start of a chain of Responsible Gambling Services offered by LBA. In conjunction with LBA Code 21 we also supply a Policies and Procedures Manual to more fully explain to staff how to apply the Code of Conduct within the Gaming Room. We conduct regular audits of regulatory compliance materials, offer in-venue advice on a range of matters including pre-commitment processes, promotional terms and conditions, privacy standards, the application of the venue risk management matrix and comprehensive staff training

Gaming venues that would like to use the LBA Code of Conduct should contact info@leighbarrett.com.au 


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