The professional team at LBA are committed to provide licensed venues with the expert advice and practical assistance they need to enable them manage the complex regulatory compliance obligations they are required to face and address on a daily basis.

  • RG Code of Conduct
  • RG & RSA Venue Compliance Program
  • RG Policy & Procedures Manual
  • Venue Management Manuals
  • RG & RSA Internal Audits
  • AML/CTF Program & Internal Audits
  • AML/CTF Annual Independent Review
  • WH&S Benchmarking & Audits
  • WH&S Venue & Grounds Manuals
  • Food Safety Template & Audits
  • Food Safety Manual
  • Emergency Services Manual
  • Venue Evacuation Plans


Our qualified trainers with our holistic approach to staff and management training, seminars and workshops provide our client venues with a thorough understanding of the issues that guide their day to day operations and importantly, how to deliver best practice customer duty of care.

    • RG & RA Mandatory Staff Training
    • AML & CTF Mandatory Staff Training
    • WH&S Management & Staff Workshops
    • Food Safety & FOH Services
    • Accredited and PD Level Staff Training Programs
  • RSG, RSA, RSF Certs and GIE Licenses
  • Armed Robbery Awareness
  • Workplace Culture
  • Liquor Licence First Steps
  • Venue First Aid Programs


With extensive experience across all aspects of the hospitality industry, the team at Leigh Barrett Associates are leaders in their field and trusted by our clients for their expert advice and in-depth knowledge of the complexities of the hospitality management and regulatory environment.

    • Responsible Service Matters
    • Venue Policy Development
    • AML & CTF Issues
    • WH&S Matters
    • Crisis Management & Counselling
    • Monthly Newsletter
  • Boardroom Governance
  • Boardroom Strategic Planning,
  • Boardroom Risk Management
  • Boardroom Tax Planning
  • Venue Internal Business Development
  • Venue Marketing & Promotions


LBA know and understand the real business of licensed and gaming venue management. That’s where we seamlessly fit in with your strategic and tactical business plans to inform, measure and improve best practice, tailor made solutions that result in clear benefits to your business:

    • Liquor Licence and Gaming Deployment Advice
    • Business Expansion and Development
    • VCAT and VCGLR Hearings and Applications


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